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Welcome to the world of possibilities


MATRIX-2-POINT is a practical application of quantum physics which provides, that each reality can be described as energy and vibration, because everything is light and information. Characteristic of the method is the simultaneous connection of two points on the body respectively energy field of humans, and the influence using intention and awareness. Through the easy-to-learn 2-point method, one can transform physical, emotional and general life issues quickly and easily.

In our personal matrix, we find in addition to information about the physical body, our past, our beliefs, our emotions and desires, our emotional impulses - the soul itself as well as our thoughts. Through the conscious choice to see it differently, the old reality collapses at the quantum level and new possibilities manifested instantly. The transition impact and applicability of this fool-proof method is limited only by our imagination. With MATRIX 2-POINT we are changing the contents of the Matrix and become more and more ourselves. We work directly with our soul and achieve extraordinary results. MATRIX 2-POINT can improve relationships, achieve goals easier, make life issues more satisfied and of course also achieve improvements in the physical sense. In your soul lies the capacity to ingenious inventions and discoveries, to create art work and achieve outstanding results in trade or any other profession, to live happy relationships, to be healthy, to turn wishes into reality, to achieve goals and to promote spiritual development. Masterpieces of all times speak the language of the soul. It is only necessary to recognize, that your soul in itself contributes to all abilities and has access to any information in the Matrix. Implementing this knowledge into practice is MATRIX-2-POINT: An adventure of the soul.

To really understand what can cause the two-point method in this system, you should experience it yourself. We cordially invite you to participate in one of our free experience evenings "experience the wave" .In addition, we offer you the opportunity to experience a workshop (with prior notification).


Welcome into the world of possibilities to...

  • Improve your quality of life
  • gain greater ease
  • experience a fulfilling partnership
  • expand your creative abilities
  • fulfil your desire for financial independence
  • create harmonious relationships with your fellows
  • fully exploit your professional potential

The Matrix has different meanings for us. It is a field full of information, where everything is stored. It is also a bridge to the outside world because we have access to the information in this quantum hologram, thus creating our reality. At the same time it is also a mirror that reflects us information on the outside.

This Matrix contains all the feelings, beliefs, thoughts, experiences and emotions, our reality as we perceive it. Through the use of our senses and the processing of what is perceived in the form of inner dialogue, images, thoughts and feelings, we create our own individual reality, which is shaped by our perceptual filters.

Can you imagine that sentences such e.g. "money does not lie on the street" or "money does not grow on trees" may impede your desire for financial independence? How about if there were an easy way to turn from these patterns of belief and relieve blocking the path to wealth, health, vitality and quality of life.