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In this 2-day seminar you will be provided the background knowledge. How you can take advantage of the subtle energies of the quantum field for a transformation in the Matrix. In an experimental, exciting and especially a playful way, you learn to revise your belief systems and reach the original state "the way it should be". You will receive a thorough briefing and a lot of time to practice. Your questions are answered and the offer of several modules allows you to develop the highest degree of flexibility for your individual personal transformation.

Seminar content:

  • Releasing
  • Time travel
  • Timeline
  • Heart-point energy
  • Parallel universes
  • Archetypes
  • Self/remote/application
  • Resources


This level is themed "Creative Matrix" In the MATRIX 2-POINT 2 seminar you will experience a significant expansion of your possibilities and you gain a deeper understanding of the Matrix. You learn new modules and tools, with which permanent changes can be achieved in the Matrix. The Matrix has no limits. Everything is interconnected. In Level 2 this knowledge is used in many ways.

Seminar content:

  • Pitfalls
  • Recycling
  • Switch and controller
  • Window of opportunity
  • And many more

Practitioner Training

What is a MATRIX-2-POINT Practitioner?

The Practitioner training may be attended by all persons who have completed level 1 & level 2. You don’t need to have documented 60 applications yet. The documented applications are only required for the certification and can be submitted later. This means, from level 2 on you can attend the Practitioner seminar even without the intention of getting the Practitioner certification.


  1. Prerequisite for certification at the Practitioner training:
    • Participation at MATRIX-2-POINT 1 & 2
    • Repetition of Matrix 1 & 2 (special conditions, may be rescheduled)
  2. Qualification for the MATRIX-2-POINT Practitioner:
    • 60 hours of documented applications.
  3. The training to become a MATRIX-2-POINT Practitioner:
    • two-day training
    • running of a treatment journal: documentation of the 60 application hours.

For details on the documentation/Practitioner-journals, an instruction sheet and the template of a case report may be requested at The 60 hours application, as well as the repetition of Matrix 1 & 2, may be submitted after the Practitioner training.

Training days:
Content: In the Practitioner training you learn how to get more secure with MATRIX-2-POINT and how you can practice the method with ease and confidence. Learn how to perform effective coaching, with a particularly effective matrix technology, which is taught only on practitioner training.

Coaching and application practice:
Certification: MATRIX-2-POINT Practitioner certificate. Separate listing option on the website. (Fee: 30 € net per year) From that date on you are entitled to offer MATRIX-2-POINT workshops on the website Certified Practitioners are preferred at the seminars (Assistance & coaching).

Since MATRIX- 2-POINT is constantly evolving, it is necessary that Matrix 1 & 2 are repeated once a year (each 80, - €) to keep up with current developments and to remain listed as a Practitioner. It doesn´t make a difference what trainer you are booking these workshops with.