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Martina and Frank Klimpel

About us

We are Martina and Frank Klimpel, mostly :-) happily married since 1985 and have three grown up children. The topics HEALTH & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT accompany us for many years and stand with us in a very close way.

I Martina run since 2004 a practice for health care and I am grateful to be able to now work with such an ingenious method like Matrix transformation. When I told Frank of this quantum method, he was initially very skeptical; perhaps not very surprising after 30 years of professional experience as a Police Officer. We are both very happy that he could convince himself that it’s an easy way to rid us of belief patterns and influences that block the path to wealth, health, vitality and quality of life and we can walk this path together.

The coach training with Ulrich Kieslich, the seminars and attending the Practitioner training with Dr. Richard Bartlett have greatly enriched our lives. The persons who perceive our seminars, workshops or individual coaching in practice or as a remote application, are people of all ages who have made the decision to shape their lives self-directed and consciously.

We are already looking forward to meet you!

Martina and Frank